What is the Purpose of a Cockroach? | Why They Exist?

Cockroaches are probably the most common pest to be found in households.

These unwanted tenants bring nothing but diseases into our households.

As roaches have nothing to offer aside of a good variety of diseases, it raises some questions their very existence.

Why do roaches exist?

What is the purpose of roaches in our ecosystem?

Here you will find out what exactly the purpose of cockroaches is and what roles they serve in our environment.

What is the Purpose of a Cockroach?

The main goal of a roach is to feed, breed and survive. They play a non-negligible role in the eco-life while doing so. Cockroaches are a significant part of the food chain as they are a major food source for small birds, reptiles and mammals.Roaches are also excellent recyclers and contribute to the disposal of different types of waste.

what is the purpose of a cockroach

What If There Were No Roaches?

People might wish roaches didn’t exist which is understandable but it would surely create a hole in the cycle of earth’s eco-life. The disappearance of roaches would result in an increase in waste and decaying matter that roaches usually feed upon.

Roaches feed on waste and organic matter which helps in keeping forests and our surroundings clean.

purpose of roaches

A cockroach extinction would also affect the nitrogen cycle of our environment. Roaches release nitrogen while feeding on waste.

The food cycle would also get disturbed as many small animals feed on roaches as their primary food source

If roaches ceased to exist, it would not just increase the number of waste matter but also decrease the amount of nitrogen. This would directly affect our surroundings, forests and the species that live there.

Roles that Roaches Serve in the Environment

The most important role that roaches serve is that of a natural recycler.

They can chomp down on different types of wastes like dead plants and animals, and animal waste.

Roaches also play a role in nutrient recycling. Upon feeding waste, roaches also release substances that act as nutrients for plants.

Cockroaches also act as an important source of food for a number of organisms, such as arthropods, birds, and mammals.

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Final Words

Everything that is present in this world exists for a reason.

Cockroaches are no different either. They might be annoying and stubborn but they still exist for a reason.

Like every other organism, roaches too serve their own specific purposes and deserve a place in our ecosystem.

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