What Do Roaches Eat? | Cockroach Eating Habits

Roaches are insect are not very choosy as you may think when it comes to what do cockroaches eat. They will virtually eat anything they come across. In this article, you will learn more about roaches odd dietary habits.
A more appropriate question rather than “what do roaches eat” would be – what do roaches not feed on. The reason for the rephrased question is the scavenging insects are least choosy feeders among most insects we come across.

We have established the fact that cockroaches are less picky scavengers, but they are these voracious eaters because of three attributes they pose:

Roaches are omnivores; having no problem with eating both animals and plants.
They are good at utilizing opportunities effectively.
They are organic feeders; eating anything they find while crawling on the walls of your home as long as it is not metal, plastic and so on.

what do cockroaches eat

What Do Roaches Eat?

They are similar to us when to come to what they feed on. They find the diet we enjoy tasteful and worth eating. Don’t be amazed we share the same taste; we are both omnivores. That is the answer if you are wondering why roaches love infesting and hiding in your kitchen, food storage, or prep areas.

Cockroaches will devour most of the same foods you enjoy. After all, humans are omnivores too, so it’s no surprise we share similar tastes. That’s why you’ll find cockroaches in the kitchens, food storage and prep areas of homes with infestations.

If we are to assume that your kitchen was a restaurant, and roaches were allowed to place an order. Roaches will go for sweet, starches and animal protein before any other served food types.

They also have different taste, if their favorite diet isn’t available in your kitchen. They would go for greasy food, cheese or anything they can find that is fermented. As a result of their great taste for sugary foods, you should keep all sugary foods in airtight containers and properly clean debris off your meat prep stations, counter and any other places with leftovers.

Keeping your home clean is one important move to prevent roaches from infesting your homes.

Roaches are obstinate less picky insects; they wouldn’t turn back because they can’t find their favorites food items. They will keep crawling around to see what they can find, and it doesn’t matter what they come across, as long as it organic – it a gourmet meal.

Decaying matter in your waste bin or garbage will definitely make a happy meal, including human waste, plant, soap, makeup, in fact, anything!

What would they feed on if nothing is left?

Although they are omnivore scavengers having similar appetites as we do, they still find other items we wouldn’t imagine a viable food source. For us, our starchy foods are limited, majorly potatoes, bread or pasta. However, for roaches, they have more items on this list, book bindings, papers, wallpaper paste, etc.

Also, for protein, they are other viable food items – dead insects, animal skin, human hair, fingernails, etc. unbelievable, they feed on younger roaches when feeding becomes extremely difficult.

They could go as far as feeding on people, though this hardly occurs and only occurs when there is a massive infestation with harsh cataclysmic levels.

Although rather than feeding on a living tissue like you, they would prefer to go for eyelashes, dead skin flakes, fingernails and a lot more. The reason for this isn’t far-fetched, roaches have weak jaws, with mandibles ideal for only carrying and chewing.

The mandibles move sideways and not designed to puncture your skin easily. So they focus on food items with keratin easy to feed on – nails, eyelashes, hair, etc.

What options do roaches have, if there is no food anywhere?

This is an exceptional case; scavengers like them without being choosy can hardly run out of options. They can feed on almost everything organic. Aside from indoors, roaches can get a lot of options like decaying plants, dead woods, waste, sewage, and waste.

But a scenario, in which cockroaches runs out of options. I mean virtually nothing! More than 3000 species of roaches can survive up to a month without eating, as long as there is a water source.

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They have survived mass extinctions. They are creepy and stubborn. It is nearly impossible to starve roaches. It has never been heard of, roaches starvation.

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