Shrimp and Cockroaches: Are Shrimp and Roaches Related?

What happens when a creepy crawly is compared to an aquatic creature? Does that make you dread the latter even more?

The dilemma of most of the people, especially shrimp-eaters, is whether shrimps and cockroaches belong to the same species or not. This bafflement finds its root in the grouping done by specialists, of both these arthropods, for examination purposes. And when you have enough reason to believe so, every single trait of the two ‘distinct’ life forms seems to collide.

Nevertheless, both of them are different from each other in various aspects, but they do share some likeness too. Keep scrolling in order to find out the similarities between the two and the extent of them!

What are Shrimps?

Shrimps, like marine creatures as well as commercial food, are probably one of the most widely known crustaceans!They are decapods, having ten legs, and have exoskeletons and jointed limbs – characteristics common to their class.

Cockroaches and shrimps

They are predominantly found in estuaries and near coastal regions, in congregations of large figures. They are adaptable to thrive in both, saltwater and freshwater bodies. Their size falls in the range of 0.1 inches to 2 inches in length, obliging them to commute, eat and procreate in schools.

Their diet consists of the intake of small portions of both plant species and animal creatures; for this reason, they are referred to as omnivorous beings. Primarily, they ingest planktons and algae. They are the potential prey for many sea and ocean brutes; however, they, themselves, are not threatening.

What are Cockroaches?

It might be hard to gaze at a cockroach in reality or in pictures, but there are some facts about them which you will find worth looking at!

Cockroaches and Shrimp Information

Cockroaches have been roaming around and haunting the earth since the era of dinosaurs. They are insects belonging to the order, Blattodea. Characterized by an oval and flattened body, one pair of antennae, three pairs of jointed legs,an exoskeleton, and a brown or black leathery integumentary system, they are versatile enough to hold their breaths for forty minutes straight and can live without their heads for one whole week! Do you grasp why killing them is an obdurate task?

Their environment preference includes a dark, warm and humid space. Some of the species of roaches tend to tarnish articles and emit a foul odor. However, they fancy consuming plant and animal products, especially dead insects.

Shrimps vs. Cockroaches

Millions of years ago, shrimps and cockroaches had originated from the same ancestor. Since then, they have evolved into two different groups of creatures and have only slight similarities.

Shrimps are marine crustaceans while cockroaches are insects adaptable to live in most environmental conditions, except water. The fact that shrimps are aquatic and roaches are terrestrial is the major distinguishing factor between them. Shrimps are deprived of fins, hence, they move around in the water in schools. Cockroaches, on the other hand, have two pairs of wings. Female roaches, in a few species, either lack wings or may have vestigial wings.

Roaches are generally black or brown in color. On the other hand, the color of shrimps may vary from shades of yellow to orange to red. They are about 0.1 to 2 inches in length, and cockroaches are of an average size of 2 inches.

Are Shrimps and Cockroaches Related?

Shrimps are also known as “Cockroaches of the Sea,” which immediately makes one wonder if they are related to roaches. Although they belong to the same phylum, Arthropoda, apart from a few mutual behavioral tendencies, they share nothing in common. They do not belong to the same family since cockroaches are group as insects whereas shrimps are classified as crustaceans.

However, coming to the similarities, they have certain characteristics that enable one to study them closely. Both of them have three-part bodies, the divisions being the head, thorax, and the abdomen. As abovementioned, they have jointed legs and exoskeletons. Both shrimps and cockroaches have derived from the same ancestor; however, that was ages in the past. As of now, they bear no family ties.

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