Queen Cockroach: Interesting Facts about Queen Roach

It’s obvious that cockroaches are unwanted guests in the home. Most of us know that they can spread illness so sensibly, we don’t want them around. But what else do we know about them? As it turns out we know more than think, as there are dozens of cockroach facts that have been proven as true and dozens more as false.

Here are some things we know about cockroaches and their lifestyle.

Facts about Roaches

Cockroach Queen

Cockroaches as we think of them, don’t have queens. Termites who are considered part of the cockroach family, however, do have queens. So, queen roach doesn’t exist.

Cockroaches cannot survive a nuclear blast

It’s a common misconception that cockroaches could survive a deadly blast. This, however, in untrue. Cockroaches can handle 10 times more radiation than humans and other animals, but ultimately, can be killed by too much of it.

Cockroaches can live without a head for up to a week.

It’s been said that cockroaches can have their heads cut off and continue to live. This is somewhat true because cockroaches can live without a head for up to week. After this time, however, the cockroach will die.

Cockroaches drink beer

Some species of cockroaches have been known to drink beer and other alcohol. This is probably due to the sugar in the drink, and not because the cockroach wants to have a wild night with his friends.

Roaches can be found everywhere except Antarctica

Cockroaches are good at adapting, and as a result, can be found on every continent other than Antarctica. As it turns out, even cockroaches can’t withstand that kind of cold.

Cockroaches are highly allergenic and can trigger asthma

Because cockroaches shed their skin, lay waste wherever they go, and transport bacteria and other pathogens, it’s no wonder that they can become the source of allergies or unwarranted asthma attacks.

Female cockroaches don’t need to mate more than once

Once a female mates, she can store the male’s sperm inside of her body. She can then use it at a later date instead of mating a second time.

Some species of roaches can jump

The most recent species of cockroaches to be discovered has been observed jumping. It is called the “leaproach” and can jump, like grasshoppers, from blade to blade of grass.

Some cockroaches are attracted to light

Some species of cockroaches are attracted to bright light, such as light from a window or tv screen. This makes the myth that all roaches avoid light false.

Cockroaches have small brains

A cockroach brain contains about a million brain cells, wheres human brains hold around 100 billion cells. Cockroach brains, however, are put together more densely than the brains of most mammals and humans.

Cockroaches have clear blood

Some people say that cockroaches don’t have blood- they do, but it’s different than human blood. Cockroaches don’t have oxygen in their blood so therefore, their blood isn’t red. Their blood is clear and made up of fluid and hemocytes.

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