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We all have dealt with a pest infestation in our houses and used various products to get rid of them. Nowadays bug foggers aka bug bombs have been gaining a lot of momentum as a way to deal with these infestations.

Bug foggers/bombs are pesticide products containing aerosol propellants that are used to fog an area and kill cockroaches etc.

They have been receiving great reviews from the users all around the place and now to make your lives a little easier; I am going to list down some of the best roach foggers of 2020.

Best Roach Foggers in 2020

Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger

The first product in my list is ‘The Raid Concentrated Deep Reach’ Fogger. Raid is one of those brands that have been very well known for its products to fight the infestation. And this bug fogger is no exception. 

Probably one of the best fogger for roaches in 2020, this product penetrates the places where the bugs hide. They reach deep into the ‘hard-to-access’ areas like cracks, crevices, and corners of the inside of the closets and provide residual action that lasts for up to 2 months. Also, a can of 1.5 oz covers an area of 5000 cu. ft with an 8’ feet ceiling.

One of the biggest plus points of this fogger is that it doesn’t leave any mess or wet residue after its usage. It is also odorless which is a very important feature that many products fail to have and that is why it is so important to give them the credit for the same. 

Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger uses a very potent formula that can manage these kinds of heavy infestations without being a hassle. We all have used Raid products earlier and this one is no different in providing a solid service without being a burden on your pocket.

With all these features, this is one of the best bug bombs that kill cockroaches in your house. But, it can also be harmful to humans and pets, therefore, you should take all the safety precautions while using this fogger.

Harris Indoor Fogger

Harris, just like Raid is one of the most trusted and seasoned brands out there that have been assisting us to fight the pest problems especially cockroach infestation since 1922. 

The Harris Indoor Fogger kills many insects from roaches to even fleas, mosquitoes, spiders, etc. This bug bomb for roaches also has a long residual action which continues to kill German cockroaches for up to 2 months. This product is perfect to use in homes, offices, apartments, even trucks, cabins, and other smaller places.

Just like the Raid Concentrated Fogger, it reaches the crooks and corners of the places difficult to penetrate and kills the bugs hiding there. This product is also very convenient to use and very long-lasting as well. It is a standout among most indoor foggers for roaches because of its brand name, value for price and its ability to cover large areas for a long time. 

They usually come in a pack of 3 and are effective in treating a 2,000 cu. ft of area per fogger. Each fogger covers a room of 10’x25’ with an 8’ foot ceiling. All these features and many other reviews from the users make it a great buy for 2020.

This is also considered one of the best cockroach foggers on the market and it’s also one of the most effective bug bombs.

With this cockroach fogger, you can eliminate roaches from your house quickly. But, follow all the safety precautions because these insect foggers can also make fire hazards.

Black Flag Concentrated Fogger

Black Flag offers various products that kill a variety of insects including roaches, ants, fleas, spiders, ticks, mosquitoes, houseflies, etc. The Black Flag cockroach fogger is one such product that stops bugs and especially cockroaches before they rake havoc in your kitchens, households, etc.

This product is effective and easy to use fogger for killing the roaches scurrying in your homes. This fogger, just like the earlier ones doesn’t leave behind any strong smell or residue; in fact, the one thing that Black Flag promises to offer is a whiff of a pleasant scent after you are done fogging. 

The major ingredient in this cockroach fogger is Cypermethrin and it guarantees to kill German cockroaches for a period of up to 12 weeks after the first fogging. They come in a pack of 6 cans that release concentrated fogs to kill the bugs. Each can is 1.25 oz that treats a room up to 2,000 cubic feet (15.5ft x 16ft. room with 8-foot ceilings). 

Black Flag is one of the oldest insecticide brands and it has managed to retain the loyalty of its customers by providing them exactly what they have promised and here also, the concentrated foggers do provide a good concentration of the product that makes it possible to kill the bugs and roaches quickly and without any inconvenience. 

Raid Roach Gel

This is another one of the strongest roach killers by Raid that has proved to be extremely effective in killing off cockroaches. You can use this Roach Gel wherever you want which includes houses, apartments, crevices, and corners of hard-to-reach areas. 

The process of using a gel isn’t as easy and simple as using a spray or a tablet, it can be a tedious and time-consuming process but once you get a hold of it, it is much more deadly than the majority of the products in destroying cockroach infestations.

It is highly efficient for two major reasons, first being the use of Indoxacarb pesticide which is extremely lethal to cockroaches and another is their combination of various ingredients that roaches find tempting.

This gel doesn’t leak or drip out of the applicator and hence it is very clean and hassle-free to use. They usually come in a pack of 3 with a size of 1.5 oz tube. For heavy infestation, you usually need 3 to 5 drops of this gel per 9 square feet; this makes the tube last a long while and therefore it isn’t expensive either.

This gel is also very convenient to use on planes and boats and other vehicles which have been infested with cockroaches since it doesn’t have a strong smell and is also very efficient in getting rid of these bugs.

Combat Roach Killing Bait

If you’re trying to combat an infestation of common cockroaches, then Combat Roach Killing Bait is the perfect product for it. You can put these all-around your place and they will help in protecting against cockroaches for up to a year. 

This product includes Hydramethylnon which is very deadly for cockroaches and effective for over a long period. Like the foggers mentioned above, these baits are mess-free and very easy to use. All you have to do is place them wherever you see the roaches or wherever you think they can breed.  Usually, it is best to use them in the areas under the sink, bathrooms, kitchen floors, etc.

The long span and the low cost of these baits (they usually come in a pack of 8 baits) are the highlights of the product but one of the major other features of this product is that it’s child-resistant which is a big added advantage.

Roach killing baits have been slowly gaining momentum because of their effectiveness to kill but even in these products, you need to make sure that you are choosing the right one and Combat Roach Killing Bait is one such product that has been gaining a lot of appreciation from its users due to its long-lasting effects.

Raid Max Ant & Roach Killer

This third and the last product of Raid in my list of 2020 is another standout amongst the best cockroach killer for a house. This effective cockroach bug bomb for house kills pests upon straight contact. Users will not have to agonize about these pests surviving long after the product has been used. 

This bug bomb can reach far corners of the house and also doesn’t have any synthetic smell or lingering odor. One quick spray of this pleasant smelling lemon-scented formula can destroy the roaches effectively.

This spray is a very efficient product for people who need a quick solution. This product usually comes in a pack of 3 and is a 14.5 oz bottle of spray with residual action for up to 6 months.

It is also very simple to use, all you need to do is attach the wand of the applicator provided along with the can and spray at the infested areas. It is an extremely fluid substance that makes it very easy to reach all the areas and crevices.

 The coverage of this particular product is also very large and substantial. But you need to re-spray this product every 4 weeks on ply-wood surfaces and for remaining surfaces, re-spray after 6 months. Besides this, the product is a great buy for getting rid of these unwanted guests.

Do Foggers Kill Roach Eggs?

No, cockroach foggers are not very efficient in killing off cockroach eggs; the reason being that the majority of the species of cockroaches lay their eggs in a much-hidden place and also because the eggs are inside an ootheca (a type of capsule which gives a protective outer covering to the eggs). It is usually not possible to see them with your naked eyes because of the place of deposit of eggs.

Only German cockroaches carry their eggs along with them until they are ready to hatch and the remaining ones deposit them in a secluded place which makes it difficult for the foggers to reach rendering them ineffective.

Benefits of Using Roach Foggers

Cockroaches are one of the most common pests infesting homes and apartments etc. and there are many products in the market to fight the same. Bug bombs are one such product that has been very well received by its users. 

One of the major advantages of roach fogger is that it is extremely easy to use and very lost lasting as well. Some of the other advantages of using a Bug Foggers are:

  • No wet residue
  • Quick and very effective results
  • Value for the price (They usually come in a pack of 2-3 cans which makes it a smart buy)
  • Covers large areas (usually a room of 2000 cu. ft is covered by a fogger)
  • It can manage heavy infestation without any nuisance. 
  • Long residual action
  • Easy to reach the crooks and crevices of the area
  • Kills a variety of bugs except for cockroaches like fleas, spiders, mosquitoes, etc.

These are just some of the reasons why Bug Foggers have become so popular in recent times.

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In this year 2020 where we have talking robots, we still have to face the problem of bugs and insects plaguing our lives and although there is no solution to get completely rid of them forever, there are certain products that help us get closer to the dream of an infestation-less house. 

While timely pest control is one of the answers, keeping the right insecticides ready for the time of need is another and the above-mentioned products take you one step closer in winding up your search for the required result.

These products will surely be a great tool for keeping your houses and residential area free of bugs and cockroaches.

However, if you still face the roach infestation, then you should hire a pest control company, but keep these things in mind while selecting a pest control service.

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