Mothballs for Roaches| Do Mothballs Kill or Repel Roaches?

Have you ever had a cockroach infestation in your house? If yes, then you know how fast they grow and how disgusting they could be.

You would also know that it is almost impossible to get rid of roaches. 

Cockroaches are resilient creatures and carriers of many diseases. Hence, it is extremely important to exterminate cockroaches if you have them in your home.

This article is to make your process easier. 

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Where Do Cockroaches Lay Eggs? Places to Find Roach Eggs

Cockroaches are no doubt one of the most annoying pests to ever exist.

They crawl everywhere, multiply rapidly and die only after you have tried a hundred things.

Being hard to kill wouldn’t have been that big a problem if they didn’t reproduce at the rate they actually do. A single German cockroach can infest your house with dozens of cockroach eggs within days which can lead to the birth of thousands of baby roaches in a single year.

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