Mothballs for Roaches| Do Mothballs Kill or Repel Roaches?

Have you ever had a cockroach infestation in your house? If yes, then you know how fast they grow and how disgusting they could be.

You would also know that it is almost impossible to get rid of roaches. 

Cockroaches are resilient creatures and carriers of many diseases. Hence, it is extremely important to exterminate cockroaches if you have them in your home.

This article is to make your process easier. 

Everyone knows mothballs are an easy solution for moths, termites, and other small pests. But can they help with cockroaches? 

In this article, you will learn if roaches like or don’t like mothballs, how to use mothballs for cockroach control, and how to maintain health safety with mothballs. 

Do Mothball Kill Cockroaches?

Mothballs are small balls or palettes usually made of the chemical substance Naphthalene, sometimes Camphor. Extremely effective in repelling moths and other small pests, mothballs also work on roaches. 

Do mothballs repel roaches

These balls release a pungent-smelling gas that repels pests, and cockroaches alike. But mothballs are good for only repelling cockroaches, it won’t kill them. That means mothballs are only a temporary solution to cockroach infestation. 

Do Mothballs Keep Roaches Away?

The smell of the naphthalene effects cockroaches the same as it does to moths. So, yes, you can get rid of cockroaches by mothballs.

But you need to keep one thing in mind, cockroaches adapt easily to a new environment, making them immune to mothballs after a year or two. So, keep changing your method of repelling roaches.

How to Use Mothballs to Repel Cockroaches

You have to be very careful how and where you use mothballs, as they are highly poisonous. Using mothballs is very easy. Just scatter some wherever you have an infestation. With time the balls with convert to gas, releasing the toxic smell, and get smaller in size. In a few months, they will disappear, and you can place new ones.

Few steps you can take and a few places you can place it in are:

Placing a few balls in an airtight space where their fumes are contained does the job.

You can scatter some in your wardrobe with your clothes. 

Place some in the cabinet under the sink, or any cupboard where you have an infestation. 

To place in the kitchen, make sure you keep it away from food. Put some under the stove.

Stored and empty luggage bags sometimes are a place for cockroaches. Putting a few mothballs is a good idea.

Mothballs are a must for any storage space which are not very accessible. 

Precautions for Using Mothballs for Roach Control

Mothballs are poisonous for not only pests but humans too. The chemicals in the balls are not fit for any living beings. Naphthalene balls are twice more harmful than para-dichlorobenzene balls. The fumes are bad for health and if the pellets are swallowed, they can prove to be fatal. It is, hence, of the utmost importance to keep mothballs away from children and pets.

Get rid of cockroaches with mothballs

Some precautions you must take while using mothballs:

Use camphor or para-dichlorobenzene balls instead of naphthalene as they are less harmful.

Don’t use it in open spaces. Limit its use to air-tight spaces. Inhaling the fumes could result in headaches, nausea, stress and breathing difficulty. So, make sure you adhere to this rule at all costs.

The chemical used in mothballs is flammable so make sure to keep it away from flammable places.

Keep it away from food and other eatables, even if they are packaged.

If possible, handle the balls wearing one-time use gloves

Also, use masks while placing them so you don’t inhale the fumes.

Keep it away from reach of children and pets

Store mothballs only in non-reactive plastics like polyethylene or polypropylene. 

Use the mothballs only for the purposes specified on the packaging

Make sure to adhere to all of these precautions. Unsafe use of mothballs could lead to serious repercussions.

What If Mothballs Doesn’t Work?

As we know, mothballs don’t kill roaches, they can only repel them, and it’s not a proper solution.

So, if you have a roach infestation, mothballs are not a good solution. You should try these 3 roach killers:

  1. Combat Roach Killing Bait
  2. Harris Roach and Ant Spray
  3. Raid Concentrated Deep Reach Fogger

You can also take the help of professional exterminators. They’ll eliminate all the roaches and their eggs from your house.

Go ahead, and fill the below-mentioned form to get free quotes from the certified roach exterminators.

Don’t worry, it’s Free. At least, you’ll know, how much they’ll charge for the roach treatment of your house.

Final Words

Roach infestation is a problem faced by many and it is important to treat it as soon as you can. 

Mothballs are a temporary but efficient solution to the problem. 

While there is no doubt that roaches hate mothballs, using mothballs is a tricky business. Mothballs might be good for your roach problem, but it could prove to be bad for you and your loved one’s health. 

Therefore, it is very necessary to take some precautionary steps while using them.

We hope this article helped relieve some of your worries about cockroach infestation at the same time teaching you some lessons on how to use mothballs safely. 

I hope you have a safe, hygienic and cockroach-free 2020!

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