How Do Roaches Reproduce? | More Details On How Cockroaches Mate

Reproduction is the centerpiece of the world we live in.

Organisms mate with each other to breed the next line of their species to continue their existence.

Many interesting things come out when the reproduction of different organisms is discussed.

One of those organisms is cockroaches.

how do roaches reproduce

Cockroaches might be annoying or even scary for some, but still a part of our environment.

For now, let’s discuss how do roaches reproduce their army of terror.

How Do Cockroaches Mate?

Cockroaches use sexual reproduction for breeding.

A male that wants to mate flaps his wings and secretes a substance containing sugar from his glands.

If the substance is sweet enough, the female gets attracted and crawls onto the male and they mate.

Do Roaches Need A Mate To Reproduce?

Cockroaches are one of the few living organisms that can reproduce both sexually or sexually.

The female cockroaches do not need to mate to get pregnant and breed; they can reproduce by themselves with a process called parthenogenesis.

The males, however, do need a female mate and can not breed by themselves.

When is Roach Mating Season?

Roaches are the most active during summer and breed chiefly in the warmer months.

Roaches can breed in autumn and spring but not as much as they do in summer.

While they can withstand cold weather, they do not breed during winter.

how do roaches reproduce

How Fast Do Roaches Reproduce?

Roaches reproduce at rapid speeds; one cockroach can give birth to an average of 300 roaches in just one year.

Even newborn babies become capable of mating and reproducing within weeks of being born.

Once pregnant, female roaches go through an incubation period that can last an average duration of 44 days.

After the incubation period is over, the roaches lay capsules of eggs called oothecae, one ootheca may contain 14 to 16 eggs.

Final Words

Cockroaches are one of the fastest breeding insects that can thrive in any kind of climate; and while that is impressive, it is certainly not good for us who have to deal with them.

These bugs are known to be carriers of various bacteria & viruses causing various diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, cholera, etc.

Therefore, it’s important to eliminate these buggers even if you spot one of them in your house.

In today’s time, numerous alternatives can get rid of these roaches effectively and permanently.

However, in case of a major infestation, it’s always advised to hire a professional exterminator before the situation gets unbearable.

How do you deal with roaches in your house? Let us know in the comments below.

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