Can Dubia Roaches Fly? | Everything You Want to Know

The scientific name of Dubia Roaches is Blaptica dubia. In different parts of the world, they are known by different names like Argentinian wood cockroach, Guyana Spotted Cockroach or the Orange-Spotted Cockroach.

These are very common in the South American countries like Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil. Even, you can find them from French Guyana, Costa Rica to Argentina. As they have a color like wood, and you can easily find them in Argentina, therefore, they are popularly known by the name of Argentinian Wood Cockroach.

People often buy Dubia Roaches for Bearded Dragons, small animals, and other reptiles because they contain a very high amount of protein. As they are a very good source of food, therefore, they are very popular and they’re in demand.

Today, in this article, you will get to know about the basic information like how to care, diet, the life cycle of dubia roaches, do dubia cockroaches fly and other helpful information. So, let’s get started.

can dubia cockroaches fly

Can Dubia Roaches Fly?

In the many studies, it is found that very rare dubia roaches fly.

The adult dubia male cockroaches have full wings that are developed, and they have muscles that can help them to provide rapid energy requirements that will be required if dubia cockroach fly.

In the laboratory tests, adult male dubia cockroaches were able to deploy their wings that helped them to control their direction. However, they were not able to increase the altitude of their flight.

If we talk about the female dubia roaches, then they lack the muscles that may help them to fly. Therefore, in the laboratory tests, adult females not showed any signs of flying.

Dubia Roach Diet

They are frugivore, that means they prefer fruits over the high protein diets like meat or waste droppings of other animals.

Particularly, they like eating vegetable matter. If you want to raise dubia roaches, then the perfect food for them can be carrots, tropical fruits like Mango, apples, papayas, tomatoes, strawberries, pears, oranges, banana, avocados, and other such sweet fruits.

In some cases, dubia roaches eat tomatoes without any problems, while some roaches showed no interest in tomatoes. The food of bearded dragon, dog, cat or fish can also be used as a perfect supplement for them.

The newborn babies or nymph dubia roaches highly depend on their adults and survive on their waste.


Dubia roaches are not very good climbers. Therefore, if you keep them in glass or plastic container, then you don’t have to worry about they are going to run from your container and infest in your house.

Raising Dubia Roaches

If you want to raise them from the beginning, then it is a good idea that you buy a dubia cockroach breeding kit. That will be very helpful for that purpose.

Dubia Roaches for Sale

If you want to buy dubia cockroaches, then there are many places from where you will find that dubia roaches are on sale.

I personally prefer, Amazon for any purchase whether it is an electronic item or some dubia roaches for leopard geckos.

Along with that, you can find many other top e-commerce websites that sell dubia roaches.

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