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Cockroaches are one insect that we as humans are programmed to hate. There is nothing worse than sitting in your room, minding your own business and then suddenly seeing a cockroach scurrying away in some corner.

Small or big, it doesn’t matter, it’s there and you are aware of it now. And now imagine what if that cockroach could jump!! Or even worse, FLY!

Yeah, I am sorry for that image but this what we are going to discuss in today’s article: DO roaches jump? And if yes, which ones and how?

Do Cockroaches Jump Like Crickets?

When animals or humans or even insects jump, it requires using the legs to push the body in the given direction. Cockroach legs do not allow for this type of action.   Instead, a cockroach can hurl its body into the air by using its wings to get itself out of any danger. So even when we think that cockroaches jump, well at best they do is ‘hop’ or at the most ‘bounce’ but usually running is their only escape.

Do Cockroaches Fly or Jump?

Many species of cockroaches and mainly those which are commonly found near us have wings. But even though, but very few of them can fly. And even the ones who can fly, they usually can only for a very short distance. And like I mentioned above, even though cockroaches have six very flexible legs, however, they aren’t designed for jumping except for one type of cockroach- Leaproach.

If Yes, then How Do Cockroaches Jump?

Like I mentioned above, the one cockroach that can jump is Leaproaches. Unlike other cockroaches, Leaproaches have extremely modified legs, which permits them to launch their bodies up and ahead, much like a grasshopper. The Leaproach fuels its mighty jump with a large pair of back legs that are double the length of its other four legs and longer than its entire body. The muscles of these legs shrink before take-off, saving energy that is promptly released thus allowing them to jump.

do cockroaches jump

Leaproaches – The Jumping Cockroaches

Now since I have already terrified you a little, let’s learn a little more about this particular specie. This particular type of jumping cockroaches was discovered in Cape Town in South Africa in 2010.

The roach is technically named ‘SaltoblattellaMontistabularis’ but the researchers have nicknamed it as Leaproach (the roach that leaps; quite apt don’t you think?) These roaches that act like a grasshopper can jump up to 50 times its body weight and more than 3/4th of its movements usually consists of humping from one place to another.

jumping cockroach

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So next time you see a cockroach anywhere, don’t immediately JUMP to the conclusion that it is a Leaproach because I am pretty sure it’s not.

Leaproaches are not categorized as household pests, they are usually found on the top of high altitude terrains with ample grass.

However, I do wonder that if a jumping cockroach has remained unseen for such a long time, who knows what else we will find in the future.

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