Cockroaches vs. Crickets: Similarities & Differences

You can make it work with any reptile in the world. But you will cringe at the very thought of a cockroach or cricket. There is something about their slimy appearance and thin legs that will make you feel disgusted.

You will not be able to find much information, as to what exactly are they. And how do they affect us? It isn’t a forgotten fact that these are a statement of unhygienic.

In this article, we will discuss what are they? And a brief introduction to cockroach vs.crickets.

What do Cockroaches look like?

Difference between roaches and crickets

They are insects of the Blattodea, which also includes termites. They are ancient species of the Carboniferous period, which dates back to 320 million years ago.

These have flat, oval-shaped bodies. Their body is oily in-touch and maybe cool or warm depending on the environment they are present in. Its head is small. And is covered with a shield-like pronotum. Its mouth is directed backward and downwards.

The number of legs they have

They have six long, spiny legs which allow them to run quickly over on almost any type of surface. The pads which are specialized and are located at the tarsi are used for scaling surfaces. These even allow for walking on walls and ceilings. Some also have wings, which are flattened around the back. But not all of them, use it for flying.

What do Crickets look like?

Crickets belong to the family ofGryllidae, which are insects related to bush crickets. And more distantly to grasshoppers.

They are small to medium-sized insects. Their body shape is mostly cylindrical and a bit vertically flattened. Their head is spherical and have long slender antennas arising from cone-shaped scapes. They have two large compound eyes. On their forehead are three ocelli. The shape of the pronotum is trapezoidal, robust, and well-sclerotized.

The number of legs they have

These have six legs. Where four are for walking. And the other two are for making long jumps. The legs for walking are in the front. And the other two are large and are behind.

Dubia Roaches

These are a medium-sized species of cockroach. They are sexually dimorphic. And they grow to a size of 40-45mm. They are also known as orange-spotted roach, Guyana spotted roach or  Argentinian wood roach. They are partially ovoviviparous.

Cockroach vs. Cricket

Cockroaches vs Crickets


Cockroach have hard external shells to protect their bodies and wings. They have wings, which are not necessarily used.
Crickets have front wings that cover their abdomens and hind wings hidden under their front wings. They have long legs which are used for jumping. 

Mating Behavior

Cockroach perform a lot of functions, such as flapping their wings, hissing and displaying their abdomen to attract the female cockroach. They are aggressive.

And they sometimes even mimic the female cockroach, to attract the male cockroach.
To attract the female crickets, the male cricket rubs their front wings together. This makes a chirping sound that attracts female cricket. They are not aggressive.

Food and Habitat

Cockroach  can live almost everywhere but thrive for those places which have moisture. They survive on plants, organic material, and insects.
Crickets are mostly found in grassy areas, lawns, near trees and logs and under rocks. They survive by eating plants and other organic material.


Cockroach are a rich source of food for their predators. Some species of cockroach may spread diseases throughout people’s homes. This is because of the contaminated places they tend to live in and the bacteria they carry.
Crickets have a positive impact on the environment. They provide enrichment to the soil, as they eat decaying matter and digest their food. 

Similarities between Cockroaches and Crickets


Both Cockroach and Crickets are black, brown or the combination of two. They use this collaboration to camouflage. This further helps them from hiding from their predators.

Mating Behavior

In both the types of insects, the female insect is attracted by the male insect. In here, the male insect does the work of attracting the female insect. And then mate.

Food and Habitat

Where Crickets prefer a more grassy area, the cockroaches can be found anywhere. And use this in their advantage.
They both eat organic matters and plants.


Both of them have a positive impact on the environment. They help in providing a source of enrichment to the soil and their predators.

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Final Words

Though it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they belong to the family of insects. And they have a wide range of similarities between them. But it should also be kept in mind, as to the huge difference in their behavior and other patterns. This helps us in analyzing as to how huge this world is. And even a little creature, such as cockroach or cricket, can provide a huge impact on the environment.

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