Can Cockroaches Climb Beds, Walls, Ceilings, & Drain Pipes?

How many times have you wondered watching a cockroach high up on a wall on how it got there? Can they really climb or just flew up there? A lot of questions come with these pests as they inhabit your residence creating nuance.

The cockroaches are insects with wings that are of different varieties belonging to different parts of the world. All these cockroaches have unique and special features that make them different from one another in so many diverse ways.

In this article, we are going to discuss various such facts about the cockroaches crawling on the wall.

Can cockroaches climb walls and beds?

The cockroaches can definitely climb as you can see them hanging upside down a ceiling wall or running on your desks and shelves.

They can surely climb walls and bed as they have foot at the end of their body with six legs that resemble a claw helping them to run and crawl around.

Can cockroaches climb walls

Can Roaches Climb on Ceilings?

The Roaches can definitely climb on ceilings as they have a foot at the end with a claw-like structure constituting six legs that help them to climb on ceilings. The metatarsus located at the end of the tarsus is the toe. The claws and pad-like structure or toe altogether help the cockroaches to climb on ceilings of your home.

Surfaces on which Cockroach Cannot Climb

The cockroaches have a sticky foot and can easily grip on all the materials used in the construction of home-like wood, drywall, brick, and stone. If your house fails to provide enough gripping ground, the roaches may be unable to climb on walls and walk upside down on ceilings.

The surfaces that are slippery enough can prevent these roaches from walking on the ceiling upside down or climb vertically. The surfaces like porcelain, glass, smooth metal, granite and marble surfaces that are extremely smooth for the roaches to grip on are the surfaces that the cockroach is unable to climb on.

How do Cockroaches Walk on Walls and Ceilings?

Roaches climb on beds

The cockroaches can easily run up the walls and even cross the ceilings hanging upside down to escape you as soon as you whack them. They have the ability to defy gravity and the laws of gravity due to their specially modified legs.  The legs of the roaches consist of barbs and claws that allow them to grip on and dig into any surface they walk or climb on.

The tiny and sharp claws of the roaches at the end of their foot allow them to walk on the vertical surfaces and climb on a ceiling upside down. There have been theories on the roaches’ ability to defy gravity and stick on the ceiling wall upside down. However, the surfaces are also responsible for the roaches’ ability to walk on them as they have irregularities in them even though they feel smooth on touch.

The roach inserts its claws into these irregularities in the wall and holds on to them like a climber with six climbing claws and as it reaches the ceiling it uses the same technique to walk across the wall.

How to stop Roaches from Climbing on your Walls and Bed?

The Roaches can be easily stopped from climbing on your walls and beds by removing the irregularities available on the walls and ceilings of your home. This can be achieved by adding a coat of silicone tape on the ends of the wall even your bedposts that prevent the roaches from climbing on to the bed or walking across the walls.

 You can actually wrap silicone tapes all around the suspected areas to prevent the roaches from climbing on to them like cupboards, kitchen shelves, refrigerator, and kitchen slabs.

You can also set a bait to trap these roaches to kill them by placing the sugary bait in a coffee can or other vessel. This coffee can or vessel should be oiled thoroughly to make it slippery using non-stick cooking spray or you can use petroleum jelly as well. As the roach climbs up the container it will flip over it and slide into the container and the oil will prevent it to climb back out.

This is one of the easiest techniques to kill the roaches with no involvement of mess around the house and also allows you to protect your family and pets from the chemical’s exposure.

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Final Words

The cockroaches have an unbelievable ability to crawl on walls as well as stick on walls making it more difficult to catch and kill them. If you are dealing with a problem of cockroaches, then these facts about them would help you a lot to understand them. The understanding of the creature can make the whole process easier, faster and free of exhaustion.

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