Best Roach Killer for Apartments: Strongest Roach Killer in 2020

The roaches have been proved to be extremely tolerant in comparison to the humans even in nuclear explosions so getting rid of them can be an exhausting and infuriating experience.

Although, we might not be able to eradicate from the globe we can definitely drive them out of our homes using the best roach killers in 2020.

The article enlists below a total of 12 best roach killer baits available in the market with a proper description of the product along with a review of our own for a recommendation.

There are even many tricks and advice also mentioned to help you get the results instantly and mess-free.

Comparison of Top-Rated Cockroach Killers in 2020

Cockroach KillersOur RatingsCurrent Price
Combat Max R2 Large Roach Bait9.9/10Check Price
HOT SHOT Ultra Liquid Roach Bait9.9/10Check Price
Harris Roach Tablets9.8/10Check Price
Harris 10-Month Roach and Ant Killer9.8/10Check Price
HARRIS Roach Killer, Liquid Spray9.8/10Check Price
HARRIS Roach Glue Traps9.7/10Check Price
Advion Cockroach Gel Bait9.6/10Check Price
HARRIS Boric Acid Roach Killer Powder9.5/10Check Price
Black Flag Roach Motel Glue Trap9.3/10Check Price
Raid Ant and Roach Killer9.2/10Check Price
Hot Shot Fogger9.2/10Check Price
Bayer - 4031982 - Suspend SC -Insecticide9.2/10Check Price

Best Roach Killers for Apartments in 2020

Best roach killers in 2020

Combat Source Kill Max R2 Large Roach Bait

The roaches are the most stubborn insects that can infest your homes and spread diseases all-around your home. They can hide in the most unusual and unexpected places in your home and reach out for leftover food in the dark. The Combat Source Kill Max has the potential to kill the roaches within 12 hours and also stop them from infesting again for as long as three months.

This roach poison is from the brand combat known for its efficiency in manufacturing insect and pest killers in the market for a long time. It is the only brand in 2020 in the market that can stop and control the roaches from attacking your house or apartment from approximately three months due to the presence of an undetectable and strong ingredient; the Fipronil.

The Fipronil is known to kill the roaches as soon as they come in contact with it or are ingested by them. These Roach Baits are extremely easy to use and they do not require any exhaustible methods to activate and the best roach killer for apartments.

However, it is advised to keep these Roach baits to keep in those areas of the house where your pets are unable to reach them as they are also attracted efficiently towards them as the roaches. Once these Roach baits are placed in the suspected areas of their activities the pests immediately started heading in.

The Combat has roach gel baits placed in the bait station where they are attracted to feed on it and carry some of the bait to the nest for other roaches to share. The Combat roach baits have a strong attractant that attracts these pests and they eventually spread the chemical from one pest to another as soon as they reach the nest and eventually killing all of them in less than 12 hours.

 The pack contains 18 child-resistant bait stations that can be placed as far as 1 and a half feet away from one another.

Hot Shot HG-95789 Ultra Liquid Roach Bait

The Hot-Shot Roach killer is advanced technology killer bait using a liquid bait to attract the pest towards them hiding in the dark areas of the house or apartment in 2020. The Roaches are attracted to your homes due to their need for food and water to survive. The leftover food and the water lying on the floors or in the cracks and crevices of your house are quite appealing places for the roaches.

The Hot Shot Roach killer is extremely tempting to the roaches as they combine both food and water to prepare the bait for these roaches that are the essential source of food for them. The lethal dose of the roach killer is mixed with the bait to deliver the results quickly and instantly. The Hot Shot Roach killer can kill both the large as well as small roaches in less than 12 hours.

The bait stations are placed in the suspected areas of the house like near walls, in cabinets, under sinks, in the refrigerator, and the closets. The bait attracts the roaches immediately to feed on them and share the rest of the bait with other roaches in the nest. As soon as the roaches ingest the bait, they are killed instantly and the nests along with the eggs are destroyed.

 The Hot Shot also prevents and controls the roach infestation for about 12 months after the treatment. This Roach killer uses a clear and non-staining formula to kill the roaches instantly and requires nothing to activate the bait stations. The ready-to-use quality of this roach killer makes it even more attractive to the buyers.

Harris Famous Roach Tablets

The Harris Famous Roach tablets are quite irresistible to the roaches with tempting bait mixed with a lethal chemical to kill the roaches instantly. The Harris uses the extremely tempting lure for the roaches and mixes it with 40% boric acid that is an active ingredient. This bait has no expiration date and can be used for years whenever a roach is spotted.

The pack of the Harris Famous Roach tablets consists of about a minimum of 145 tablets that can be easily used in 12 rooms. It has great value as they are extremely durable if kept in a dry area and are also cost-effective. The Harris Famous Roach tablets are also approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and have been registered in their name for its use in homes with people and pets.

The baits are placed in the suspected areas of the house like the kitchen cabinets, under the sink, in closets, refrigerator, and near walls. As soon as the baits are placed, the roaches are attracted to them to feed on the bait. These roaches carry the remaining bait along with them to their nests to share the food with other roaches.

As soon as the roaches ingest the bait, the chemical starts to process in their body and eventually kills them destroying the nests as well. The Harris Famous Roach tablets can kill the entire roach colony within hours and also control their future infestation in the house.

Unlike, the other roach killers, they do not cause mess and prevent you from exhausting cleaning of the house after the treatment. These roach tablets are quite easy to conceal and can be used to use in the hidden areas of the house like under the cabinets, drawers or appliances.

Harris 10-Month Roach and Ant Killer

The Harris 10-Month Roach and Ant Killer is an extremely powerful aerosol killer spray to get rid of these stubborn roaches from your house. This aerosol spray helps you to get to the roaches hiding deep inside the cracks and crevices of your house floors even inside the cabinets. You can easily spray in these tiny holes and cracks to kill the roaches easily.

The Harris 10-Month roach killer has a wide range of areas of use as in areas like bathrooms, pantries, bedrooms, closets, cabinets, rugs,etc and is the best spray available in the market. This Roach killer is also approved by the Environmental protection Agency and is also registered in their name for the use in homes with people and pets.

The aerosol spray works instantly as soon as it is sprayed on the roaches as it kills on contact as it has two active ingredients, neo-pynamin and cypermethrine that are extremely lethal to the roaches. When these roaches come in contact with the spray, they carry the chemicals on them to the nest where they eventually die and also spread it to other roaches in the nest.

The Harris 10-Month roach killer has a long residual property that allows it to kill the roaches for as long as 10 weeks after the application of the aerosol spray. It is of great value as it keeps killing both the large and small roaches for about ten months and controls their infestation in your house.

It is advised to keep your pets away from the applied areas and keep your aquariums closed while applying the spray. You should always ensure to apply a thin layer of spray quickly in a rapid motion rather than making the place dripping wet as it would be wastage of product.

Harris Roach Killer, Liquid Spray

The Harris is one of the oldest Environment protection Agency-registered companies in America and has been known for the production of solutions effective for combating cockroaches or any kind of pests. This Harris Roach killer, the liquid spray has also been registered in the Environment Protection Agency for its use in homes with people and pets.

The Liquid spray roach killer comes with an extendable trigger spray that allows killing the roaches hiding in the tiniest areas of your house like the cracks between the floorboards or the cabinets and closets or under the sink. The trigger spray helps you to spray on the roaches’ insight from a distance to prevent frightening the roaches to hide back in their nests.

The roaches carry the liquid spray on them to the nests and spread it to the other roaches in the nest and eventually die due to coming as the spray dries up. The spray can kill the roaches continuously for weeks after application because of its long residual formula.

The Harris Liquid spray roach killer also ensures to control the roaches in your home for 12 months by killing the roaches continuously for 12 months. It also has great value as one gallon of the liquid allows having repeated applications on a continuing process to effectively kill the roaches.

The liquid has an odorless as well as a stain-free formula that prevents the damage to fabrics and furniture. It is quite cost-effective and showsinstant results on the application as you can notice carcasses of roaches in a way you may have never seen.

Harris Roach Glue Straps

The Harris Roach Glue Straps are the best herbal alternative to the chemical pesticides that are generally hazardous to the health of the people and pets. These glue straps are free of pesticides and are manufactured without the use of chemicals of any kind. It is exceptionally effective to get rid of the stubborn roaches from your homes

The Harris Roach Glue straps are used by the professional exterminators to eliminate the roaches from the highly infested houses. These glue straps are extensively used for residential and commercial uses in your household. They can kill all types of roaches from small to larger ones and from American to German cockroaches.

They are pretty easy to use as you only need to fold the traps and introduce the tab at the top to hold it together. The glue straps are quite inconspicuous as they can easily slide under the furniture, bed and much more. The pack of Harris Roach glue straps comes with two large straps that can be used in areas where it is difficult to reach.

The Roach glue straps are beneficial in areas where you cannot reach to apply a gel or spray like places under stove, refrigerator and inside the closets. The Harris Roach glue straps would never disappoint you and help you to disinfect your house easily and quickly without mess.

Syngenta 383920 Advion Cockroach Gel Bait

The Syngenta Advion gel bait is the most effective roach killer available in the market and also Advion is well known for its lethal nature to roaches. The Advion gel baits are used by professional exterminators to eliminate the roaches from the mild to highly infested houses. The Syngenta Advion Roach bait comes in a package having a similar appearance to injection.

The box of the package consists of a 30g syringe of Advion Cockroach gel, a plunger to apply pressure through the injection to eject the gel out and an applicator tip. The applicator tip allows applying the gel bait in all the suspected areas of your house with ease and prevents from causing a mess.

The package also consists of an instruction booklet that describes the step by step process of application. The use of the product is quite simple if you follow the instructions described in the manual methodically.

You first need to remove the cap from the Advion roach gel syringe to screw on the applicator tip. The plunger is inserted in the syringe from the back by applying pressure to eject the gel bait out of the tip.

The amount of gel application depends on the rate of infestation therefore apply at least two spots of gel per square meter for lower infestation rate and five spots per square meter for heavy infestations. Apply the gel in all the suspected areas like between cracks and crevices, kitchen, under the sink and electrical appliances, cabinets, and closets.

The Advion is known as the highest performing bait that targets all different kinds of roaches. It is created by mixing extremely attractive gel formulation with a potent, active ingredient indoxcarb that makes it pretty irresistible to the roaches. In this package, you would receive a pack of four tubes 30g each with one plunger and two tips.

Harris Boric Acid Roach and Silverfish Killer Powder

The Harris Boric acid Roach killer is in the form of a powder containing the highly efficient and tempting bait to lure the cockroaches towards them. The food used for preparing the bait is the grade level of Harris that can be pretty irresistible to the roaches and attract them to the bait from their hiding places.

The Harris Roach killer consists of a mixture of boric acid and an appealing lure to form the bait as the boric acid is believed to be highly lethal to the roaches. The roaches get killed within 72 hours after initial contact with boric acid or bait containing boric acid. These roaches carry the bait along with them to their nest to share with other roaches eventually destroying the nests by killing the roaches.

This Roach killer powder can kill the roaches continuously for weeks as long as the bait remains dry. The application of the powder is exceptionally relaxed as it comes with an extended straw that helps to reach the unreachable areas of the house quickly and effortlessly.

The Harris Powder roach killer has been approved by the EPA and is also registered in their name to use in the houses in the presence of people and pets. They ensure and certify that the particular roach killer is environmentally friendly and non-hazardous. They are manufactured in the USA and are the best killer bait available in the market for the roaches.

Black Flag Roach Motel Cockroach Killer Bait Glue Trap

The Black Flag Roach killer is an efficient way to handle the number of roaches and get rid of them overnight. They have been popular in the market due to their instant and visible action. The package contains four packs of Black Flag Roach killer glue straps with two traps in each box hence you are offered with 8 traps in one whole package.

The Black Flag Roach Motel Roach killer comes in a trap box with bait glued to the middle of the box. The bait contains an extremely tempting lure that attracts the roaches towards them. As soon as they reach the bait they are glued to the surface of the box and entombed in the box out of your sight. This bait trap lacks toxins that make it a relatively safe option to be used at home in the presence of people and pets.

However, the Black Flag Roach glue traps fail to catch and clean the roaches in the nest and eventually the infestation rate may increase in the future. These glue trap baits are beneficial for houses where the level of infestation is quite low and also is an environmentally friendly alternative to the toxic chemicals especially if you have kids and pets in your house.

The Black Flag Roach glue traps can catch the roaches continuously for weeks after placement as the glue works as proficiently as during the time it was placed. The product surely works as the commercial says “They check-in but they don’t check out” that also suggests the name behind the product.

The Black Flag Roach Motel Cockroach Killer is designated as the best sticky trap by “The Spruce” for killing both the small and large roaches.

Raid Ant and Roach Killer

The Raid Ant and Roach Killer is the best bug killer available in the market that can be used to get rid of all kinds of bug from ants, roaches to 20 household pests. The roach killer comes in a spray can that contains the roach killer bait in the form of an aerosol. This aerosol spray is quite safe for use in the house with people and pets if used as directed.

The Raid ant and roach killer 2020 consists of a total of 27 sprays (880) that can be used extensively all over your house to kill the roaches effectively. This aerosol spray is formulated by mixing essential oils with some active ingredients to instantly kill the roaches. It is mainly made up of lemongrass extract, geraniol synthesized from pine trees.

The Roach killer spray comes with a nozzle that allows you to spray directly on the roaches by keeping a maximum distance of around 18 inches from the interior walls or furniture.The Raid Roach killer spray kills the insects effectively even after weeks of application due to its residual formula.

The Raid Ant and Roach killer can also be used indoors as well as the most sensitive areas of your house like the kitchen. As soon as the roach killer is sprayed on the roaches instead of lying or running off, they walk a few distances and die instantly.  It is an amazing and competent roach killer and also pretty cost-effective.

Hot Shot Fogger6 with an odour neutralizer

The Hot Shot Fogger is specifically designed to control the heavy infestations with a huge number of roaches lingering around your home hiding in plain sight. The fogger kills the roaches as soon as they come in contact with the roaches and continue to kill them for around two months with the same proficiency and competency.

The Hotshot fogger comes with an odor neutralizer that neutralizes the irritating smell of the chemicals used to prepare the roach killer. The fogger helps you to kill the bugs hidden in the deepest and darkest corners of your house as it creates a deep penetrating fine mist that can reach these unreachable places forcing the roaches to come out of their nests.

As the roaches come out of their nests, they come in contact with the fog mist and die instantly within a few minutes. Even if the roaches do not come out of their nests, the mist ensures to kill them in their nests and destroys their nest as well.

The Hot Shot Fogger2020 should be used in only the enclosed spaces like apartments, attics, basements, barns, boat cabins, cabins, campers, crawl spaces, garages, homes, sheds, storage areas, and trailers. The Hot Shot uses a clear, non-staining formula that prevents leaving around wet and messy residue as it is impossible to cover each item in the house.

Each can of the Hot Shot fogger covers about 2000 cubic feet area of unobstructed space and in the smaller rooms with a size of 5 feet, x 5 feet can be fogged from the neighboring rooms. It is quite strictly suggested to read the instructions on the label before using the fogger to have an effective treatment.

Bayer 4031982 Suspended SC Insecticide

The Suspend SC is the 2020 new generation insecticide with an advanced performance that can fight more than 50 pests in your house or any other places. This insecticide is formulated by using a suspended concentration of a pyrethroid, Deltamethrin that can work remarkably even in low concentrations.

The long residual formula used in the insecticide is a bonus to the product and keeps on knocking down the roaches continuously for months together.The Suspended SC insecticide can work both in high and low concentrations and the flexible label also permits you to hit them on food service areas.

The insecticide also features a no-residue and no-stain formula that keeps your house clean and prevents any damage to fabrics or furniture. The formula also avoids leaving any infuriating and nauseating odor behind after application. They also work well on the porous surfaces and are also proved to be used for bed bugs as well.

The Suspended SC insecticide is an excellent roach killer in the market to be used for general purposes both in the indoors as well as outdoors. This insecticide can be used in the presence of pets as long as it is dried. It is quite economical as well due to its low mixing rate and comes with an easy squeeze and pour container to prevent wastage of the insecticide.

Roach Killer Buyer’s Guide

Roach poison

There is no particular guide to buy the Roach killers, you will have to decide based on the infestation rate in your house.

Infestation Rate

If the infestation rate is low then roach tablets and roach sprays can come in handy to handle the situation and lower the infestation rate. The Roach killer glue bait straps are also an herbal alternative to get rid of the roaches in case of low infestation as they do not contain any toxic chemicals, therefore,they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

In the case of high infestation rate, the Roach killer foggers and aerosol sprays are the best options to get rid of the roaches and keep them in control for a long period after the application. The foggers and spray allow destroying the nests and killing the roaches hidden in the deepest cracks and crevices of the house.


The purchase of a roach killer also depends on your budget hence one can always filter their search based on their budget decided.

If your budget is high and also the rate of infestation in your home then it would be better to consider the insect pesticides and foggers that mostly come in the high range but are extremely economical. The price of pesticides and foggers may be high but they can be used multiple times to effectively treat the infestation continuously.

If you have a medium budget, then you can probably consider the Roach aerosol spray killers and roach killer powder that is the most popular and preferred choice of most of the households as they are cost-effective and also can efficiently kill the roaches.

If you have a low budget then you can go for the roach tablets and glue straps that are also effective to kill the roaches. However, they fail to destroy the nests and kill the roaches hiding deep inside the corners of the house.

Type of Reaction

Some of the roach killers can kill the roaches instantly within minutes of the roach coming in contact with the roach killer while others allow the roaches to feed on the bait and carry the poison along with them to the nest where they as well as other roaches die eventually destroying the nest.

The former is rather a fast and instant process whereas the latter is a slow process that may take time more than even weeks. However, both the ways are similarly effective and efficient to exterminate the roaches. It depends on you to choose the kind of process you want to prefer.

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Final Words

The best way to get rid of these roaches is to combine two or more products to mitigate the infestation rate proficiently as the roaches are the most tenacious and resilient foe of humans. They may have proved that they have power on us but our large brains have developed more than one method to deal with the roaches and keep our property free of roaches in no time.

The methods mentioned above are less exhausting and highly effective to mitigate the infestation and have a clean property where you can roam around freely without having to deal with the sight of an ugly roach crawling around.

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