Baking Soda for Roaches: Effective Roach Killing Recipes

Due to Coronavirus pandemic, we all are sitting in our homes, hoping good days will return.

But, that doesn’t change the roach infestation in our home. We have to deal with them.

Going out to buy a cockroach killer is not a good idea. While big retailers like Amazon is giving more priority to the more essential items. So, you can expect your roach killer delivery may take much longer than expected.

In that case, you should definitely try home remedies like baking soda.

Today, we will talk about the use of baking soda to kill cockroaches in your house.

Does Baking Soda Help in Getting Rid of Roaches?

Baking powder is one of the many tried and tested home remedies for getting rid of cockroaches.

Even today, in 2020, this homemade cockroach killer is wildly proven to be useful and works like a charm.

does baking soda kill roaches

Does Baking Soda Kill Cockroaches?

The human digestive system is a lot different than of roaches. When humans consume baking soda through various food forms, he/she burps due to the gas formulated inside their stomach.

What this homemade solution of sugar and baking soda for roaches does is, it increases the pressure inside a cockroach’s digestive tract. The delicate body and digestive system are not built to handle this pressure, due to which the cockroaches do not survive.

baking soda for roaches

How to Kill Cockroaches with Baking Soda

Baking Soda and Onions

onions to repel cockroaches


Baking Soda


This is one of the simplest home remedies that you can start applying from today itself. Just like the name suggests, baking soda and onions, you require only those two ingredients for creating this deadly mixture.

Step 1: Cut a single onion into compact and small pieces

Step 2: Take one spoon of baking soda and mix the diced onions with it

Step 3: Keep the mixture in a small bowl. And strategically place the bowl, where you suspect cockroaches to be breeding inside the house.

Now, thanks to this homemade solution, when you wake up in the morning, all that would be left to do is, clean up the dead cockroaches.

Baking Soda and Sugar

Apart from onions and baking soda, this is another one of the many home remedies, which you can consider using.

baking soda and sugar to get rid cockroaches

Step 1: Take one spoon each of sugar and baking soda (equal quantity of both)

Step 2: Combine and mix both the elements and place in a bowl

Step 3: Place the bowl at an area, which you suspect is infested with cockroaches

Step 4: Clean the dead cockroaches, because you don’t want the decease spreading anymore

Both the above mentioned homemade solutions are as effective as they come. But is it really safe to use for you and your pets?

Is Killing Roaches with Baking Soda Pet Safe?

Baking soda and sugar, or any other homemade roach killer that includes baking powder are harmful to pets. But only if your pets consume it in large quantities.

baking soda safe for pets

If you are using a teaspoon of baking powder, as we have suggested, this amount won’t be harmful to your pets. Even then if you want your pets to be safe and away, you can lock doors to the room where you have kept the bowl consisting of baking soda.

Safety Precautions for Using Baking Soda as Roach Killer

Any home remedies that include baking soda does not pose serious safety concerns except for one.

Baking soda can cause serious irritation to your eyes if it goes inside. Two ways in which this homemade solution can cause that is if you touch your hand without washing them first or the baking powder goes directly into your eyes.

To avoid both these incidents, we recommend you to wear an eye-protective glass, and wash hands as soon as you have done placing the mixture.

What If Baking Soda Doesn’t Work?

Do you know what’s the problem with home made roach killers like baking soda?

Sometimes, these home remedies work and sometimes don’t.

Even, cockroaches are getting immune to the insecticides, and therefore, killing them with home remedies becomes quite difficult.

At this time, I’ll not recommend buying a cockroach killer because of the increased delivery timings (companies are giving priority to the essential stuff). But, still, if you want to buy, then I’ll suggest Combat Roach Killing Bait.

What Do I Recommend?

I recommend, you should take help of Pest Control Companies.


Because, hiring a Pest Control Company is not expensive all the time.

Depending on the roach infestation level in your house, hiring an exterminator can be a cheaper option as compared to buying a roach killer. Because, once a roach killer doesn’t work, you’ll try a different one, and after getting frustrated for many days, then you’ll end up taking help of a Pest Control Company.

By just filling the below-mentioned form, you will get free quotes from the tried and tested local roach exterminators.

Don’t worry, it’s free and your details are safe. At least, you’ll know how much exterminators will charge if you need to hire them.

Final Words

We have listed the most common and price-effective home remedies to get rid of a cockroach infestation.

There are few other homemade solutions that you can try as well, such as a boric acid mix. Though, these other measures could prove injurious to you as well as your pet’s health.

Simple, quick, and immediate relief, hope we provided it though this article.

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  1. Mohammed Ibrahim

    Hi there! can I use baking powder instead of baking soda? 10q.

    1. Vijay Singh

      Yes, you can use baking powder in the place of baking soda because baking powder also contains baking soda in some proportion. As its concentration is less, so you may not get good results like with baking soda.

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